Mottom Technology(Zhongshan) Co., Ltd
Company Advantage

1.Recourse superiority

We have preliminary proved 100,000 cubic meters reserves and 30,000 cubic meters annual output of raw materials in Pakistan and Afghanistan mines, which includes limestone, white stone, onyx series and so on 25 varieties.Meanwhile, we have own material warehouse which can provide different textures of marble according to customer’s requirements. To sum up, from mine recourse to mining process and product customization, we have high quality and best price.

2.Geographical advantage

China headquarter of MOTTOM Technology is located in Pearl River Delta and there are many ports around.It is adjacent to important stone trading areas.

3.Technical advantage

The company has a lean new assembly line and brings in various advanced production systems: full-automatic CNC machining center, the stone can be processed to the accuracy of 0. 1 mm,400X360° infrared cutting machine, full-automatic thickening machines, polishing machines with multiple wheel heads and stands of 5-ton lift.With several years of experience in sophisticated stone processing and advanced processing equipment,MOTTOM Technology has become a leader in stone industry.

4.Advantage of resource integration

Our company has close cooperation with several excellent design and manufacturing companies in home and aboard. At the same time of win-win corporation,we also do research and discussion according to the existing technical resources and constantly improve the the level of production processing to provide more perfect products and services for customers.

The members of design team all come from well-known design training institutions at home and aboard and several design cases have won world-class design awardsMottom Technology team is a full of infinite passion and inspiration team. With the guidance of leaders, Mottom Technology has gradually form a excellent design concept.